TabSafe Pearl

"TabSafe Pearl" is a customizable, pre-blended coating system without a plasticizer, providing the ability to add specific plasticizers to meet individual market needs. Available in a variety of polymers, "TabSafe Pearl" helps reduce inventory and raw material testing.

Product Name : TabSafe Pearl
Product Category : Organic
Brief Description : Innovative film coating solution providing extra edge to finish with a pearl glow signifying the importance and improving the looks of the tablet
Nature : HPMC Based or Combination of Different Polymer
Solvent : IPA/MDC
Mixing Time : -
Reconstitution Level : 5%
Weight Gain : 2.50%
Colors : Silver, Gold, Pink
  • Color consistency from batch-to-batch
  • Enhanced color stability
  • Reduced coating process time
  • Superior adhesion on difficult to coat cores
  • Less stressful processing conditions for heat sensitive, friable or high drug content cores
  • Improved drug stability
  • Sharper logo definition, even at higher weight gains
  • Better gloss and smoothness compared to conventional film coatings