Sustained Release

Sustain Release Drug Delivery system that is designed to achieve prolonged therapeutic effect by continuously releasing medication over an extended period of time after administration of single dose. The basic goal of therapy is to achieve steady state blood level that is therapeutically effective and non-toxic for an extended period of time. The design of proper dosage regimen is an important element in accomplishing this goal.

Aries Exim offers advanced film coating systems for sustained release (also referred to as controlled release) dosage forms complemented by our value-added services which support all phases of product design and development.

Sustained release technologies from Aries Exim use unique combinations of polymers to encapsulate active drug compounds and control release of the drug at varying rates.

Through advanced technology, our sustained release products simplify the development and production process for tablets and capsules while providing consistent rates of drug release.

Aries Exim offers products and formulation expertise for sustained release applications and technologies for the formulation, development and production of tablets and multiparticulates, including drug-loaded pellets and granules, mini-tablets and drug crystals. Aries Exim products are designed with the flexibility to adjust drug release rates.

With decades of experience, Aries Exim has extensive applications data to help our customers achieve the exact drug release profile desired. In addition, our team of experts is always available to offer formulation expertise and technical support to help modulate drug delivery profiles per your requirements.

Aries Exim's global technical service infrastructure and applications expertise complements the range of sustained release coatings, servicing your formulation needs at every step of the drug development process.