Enteric Release Coatings

The term "enteric" refers to the small intestine" and implies that your medication will move from your stomach to your small intestine before it dissolves. Enteric Coating protects a capsule's contents in the highly acidic environments of the Stomach and breaks down completely in neutral pH environments.

Aries Exim is a prominent player in the global market of enteric release coating applications. Our offering includes a wide range of aqueous and organic options for the manufacture of enteric coated tablets.

Our team of dedicated of expertise and state-of-art technological centre ensures every phase of product development including commercialization and market delivery.

Our product formulas are mainly based on four major polymer types namely cellulose acetate phthalate based, HPMC phthalate based, Methacrylic acid copolymer type A and type C BASE. Broad range of active drug substances in several therapeutic categories are compatible with our products.

Key Benefits:

  • Consistent Color and Improved stability
  • Reduced coating process time
  • Enhanced drug stability
  • Sharp logo definition
  • Superior adhesion to coat cores
  • Ensure superior gloss
  • Better smoothness compared to traditional film coatings.

Use of our fully-formulated technologies can help you deliver a final product that saves you development, scale-up and production time while assuring the integrity of the enteric release coating to the safety and efficacy of your finished dosage form.

Product Offerings: