Moisture Barrier

Moisture plays remarkable negative role in pharmaceutical product, particularly for dosage forms containing moisture sensitive drugs because physical and chemical stability of these drugs are affected by moisture. Moisture can be absorbed by dosage forms during manufacturing process as well as during storage. Absorbed moisture may cause alteration in rate of decomposition, agglomeration and dissolution of drugs and ultimately performance of final product. Presence of moisture possesses a critical challenge on drug stability because it accelerate the hydrolysis of drug as well as facilitates reaction with other excipients, thereby affecting stability and shelf life of the final product.

In moisture barrier coating, traditional way of preventing diffusion of water vapour across the film coating is through water-insoluble materials. Stearic Acid, Ethyl Cellulose and Methacrylic Acid Copolymers are commonly used materials which has the property of diffusing moisture vapour transmission but due to water insoluble nature it takes more time to disintegrate.

TabSafe MB is a perfect combination of plasticizers, pigments, pacifiers and other excipients which is compatible with organic or hydro-alcoholic systems to protect against atmospheric moisture.

In addition, disintegration or dissolution time is not impacted by our moisture barrier coating.

Key Benefits:

  • Protection against atmospheric moisture
  • Highly Customizable formula to cater wide range of requirements
  • Consistent Colour and Improved stability
  • Sharp logo definition
  • Reduced coating process time
  • Enhanced drug stability

Product Offerings: