Film Coating

Aries Exim Pharmaceutical Coating System leads the industry in the development and manufacture of innovative coatings and colors for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. We offer a wide range of film coating products, all of which can be formulated specifically for your application and regulatory requirements.

Aries Exim film coatings are one-step, easy- to- use pre-blended powders based on well known, pharmaceutically-accepted polymers, pigments, and plasticizers. With our extensive knowledge and experience we can match or exceed the functionality of any competitive coating system as well as custom match or create a desired color. We provide formulation, technical, regulatory and quality support through every step of your development, scale-up and production process.

Immediate Release Film Coating - A distinctive product appearance offers many benefits to the producers and marketers of pharmaceutical tablets and nutritional supplements. Film coating is the most economical method of enhancing your product - helping positively impact patient preference, differentiating your product's visual appearance, as well as improving the ability to swallow and masking objectionable tastes or odors. Aries Exim film coatings impart mechanical integrity, color, gloss, pearlescence or moisture protection to create an immediate release tablet that is both effective and easily recognized by consumers.

Enteric Coating - Our enteric release products can help you deliver a final tablets, capsules or multiparticulates that save you development, scale-up and production time while assuring the integrity of the coating for the safety and efficacy of your finished dosage form. Various systems are available based on a variety of delayed release polymers for aqueous or organic processing to provide enteric protection. For the solid dosage manufacturer, tablet film coating technology conveys many benefits including improved packaging efficiency, prevention of cross contamination and reduced tablet breakage and chipping. And with a large variety of pigmented and non-pigmented tablet film coating systems available, you can coat your products in a color of your choice with a cost-effective coating that can also provide protection from light, moisture and environmental gases. We back our film coating technology with world-class color customization support that can help to create a unique and elegant tablet image exactly to your specifications. Browse our product listings to learn more about tablet film coatings or Contact Aries Exim to discuss your specific application needs.

Moisture Barrier

Sustained ReleaseAries Exim manufactures and represents extended release coating systems derived from one of the most popular and regulatory accepted polymers in the pharmaceutical industry, ethylcellulose. Application of an ethylcellulose film from aqueous dispersion or organic solution provides the formulator the means to control the release of drug from a tablet or multiparticulate via diffusion of the drug through the ethylcellulose film. Novel means of controlled release can also be achieved using a combination of Aries Exim's modified release coating systems.