Immediate Release Film Coating

Aries Exim offers a wide range of custom pigmented or non-pigmented film coatings for immediate release solid dose applications.

A comprehensive collection of polymer blend formulations enables users to optimise several beneficial features to an immediate release solid dosage formulation. Major benefits include:

Key Benefits:

  • Consistent Color and Improved stability
  • Reduced coating process time
  • Enhanced drug stability
  • Sharp logo definition
  • Superior adhesion to coat cores
  • Ensure superior gloss
  • Better smoothness compared to traditional film coatings.

Aqueous film coating is applied as a thinpolymeric film to the surface of a tablet and one of the quickest and least expensive method to improve the appearance, provide tablet identity, facilitate swallowing andcontrol or modify the release of the drug.

Our unique formula comprises of polymers, plasticizers and pigments combined into dry powder which is rehydrated quickly into water solvent.

An extensive range of customize color selection and color matching service is offered for our immediate release tablet film coating products. A team of dedicated specialist ensures that the ingredients used are compliant with regulatory requirements for the target market.

Product Offerings: